Ellis-Scott Family Gardens

The Ellis-Scott Memorial Gardens is centrally located in the Kingston community.  Located near the schools and the community recreation center, the grounds offer beautiful views of the Clinch River, surrounding hills and serenity amidst plant life within the grounds.

The property was acquired by Alma Lee Ellis Scott and Charles E. Scott, Sr. in 1948.  Over the next two decades, good fortune allowed the family to construct a pool, a tennis court and basketball court.  In the late 1950’s-60’s, the property became a popular gathering spot for many children from the community.  Frequently, they would gather for competitive games on the courts, which would be followed by frolics in the pool.  Some of the academic and sport legends of the community can share memories of that period.

ellis-scott family garden

Throughout Alma Lee’s life, she worked hard on the property to create a garden-like respite for all comers.  She planted trees, bulbs and various other plants to highlight the seasonal changes and surprise in the spring with their natural flowering beauty.

Since her death, members of the family,  have continued Alma Lee’s legacy by further developing the gardens.  Magnolia trees, dogwoods, crepe myrtles and larger deciduous have been planted to enhance the seasonal beauty. Hydrangeas, roses, daylilies and other blooming shrubs add to the beauty of the gardens in spring, summer and fall.  New benches have been placed and wandering paths created for visitor pleasure and respite.

Alma Lee and Charles now have their final resting place on the property.  The family cemetery is situated on a hill looking toward the river.  The family homestead was torn down and rebuilt into a Pavilion for family gatherings.  The pool, tennis court and basketball court have been removed to allow for more garden space, but those with good memories can still see vestiges of their location.

The Ellis-Scott Memorial Gardens memorialize the importance of home, family and sharing of good times.  Through the Gardens, the respect of community and family legacy will be perpetual.

memorial gardens